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The Sunday Evening Hillary Clinton Photo Bomb

November 21, 2010

Sorry this is going up a little bit later than usual. I spent the morning finishing up a blog post over on Taylor Marsh and then chasing down the Sunday interview videos.

A lot of these photos are from her current trip in Lisbon and which I never got a chance to post this week. Some of them are different than the ones on Daylife so hopefully you won’t have seen them before.

Oh, and some good news regarding the Secretary of State- I have it on VERY good authority that she will get an extra day off for the Thanksgiving holiday- good for her, she deserves it with this marathon travel!

For your viewing pleasure:

And of course, the cats:

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  1. Steve permalink
    November 21, 2010 6:41 pm

    Thank you so much, these are wonderful!

    She is completely color coordinated with the Lisbon background, LOL!

    So many good photos- that one where she is wearing all white- she still had the elbow cast on, remember? And that picture of her- third one up from the first cat photo- she’s in Japan I think- she looks radiant.

    You’ve been a blogging demon today Stacy!

    • Thain permalink
      November 21, 2010 9:29 pm

      You’ve been a blogging demon today Stacy!

      Yeah, no kidding!

      Thanks for the heads up about the schedule I’m glad she gets some real time off if such a thing exists when you are SOS. I like that you let us in on some of your insider information! 😉

  2. Steve permalink
    November 21, 2010 6:42 pm

    Oh, I forgot to add- I’m glad to hear she’s taking some extra time off for the holiday- is it on the front end? She deserves a nice, very long weekend to spend time with her family, she’s worked her butt off and has been criss-crossing the globe non-stop. Honestly, the woman makes every other Cabinet member look lazy.

  3. Carolyn-Rodham permalink
    November 21, 2010 7:31 pm

    Stacy, you’re a wonder! Please apologize to your partner on our behalf — we’ve been monopolizing WAY too much of your time.

    I was curious about something in the photos: among the Lisbon shots (26th from the top, to be precise!) there’s a picture of Hillary seated between Obama and Cameron, with Cameron and Hillary looking very chummy, and Obama leaning back, unsmiling, watching them. Then a little further down (37th and 38th down) there’ are a couple of LIFE shots of the same meeting, now with Obama seated next to Cameron, all smies, and Hillary seated behind Obama, looking a little disgruntled. Hm…

    • Carolyn-Rodham permalink
      November 21, 2010 7:33 pm

      Oh, and I meant to add YOU’VE earned an extra day off for Thanksgiving! Thanks for all the hard work.

      • November 22, 2010 10:59 am

        Ah, you’re sweet! I enjoy doing it and I’m glad people enjoy seeing the photos and posts.

  4. PCFS permalink
    November 21, 2010 8:23 pm

    Stacy, Thanks for the pictures of our girl. I hope she take a real long weekend. She has really worked so hard this week. I still don’t know how she does it.

  5. Thain permalink
    November 21, 2010 9:26 pm

    I like the 2nd through 4th photos the best. I bet she’s fun to hang with. And the ones where she is in Australia. And the cats, the cats always rock. Scooter has pretty markings.

  6. November 22, 2010 12:17 pm

    @Carolyn- the other day we were talking about the media’s presentation of the Arab-Israeli conflict or anything having to do with Israel and I said I felt there was an implicit bias that we don’t even recognize and that everything is generally viewed from the Israeli perspective.

    Case in point from Politico today-

    That article is standard fare for Ben Smith. It is so one-sided and at times, relies on unnamed sources (but not always)- it’s really one long hit-piece against the POTUS. But whenever the Palestinians are discussed in this pice- and that’s not a whole lot- it’s always Americans, Israelis or the media themselves who are telling us what they want/need. But really, it’s clear that what matters is what Israel wants. Also notice that Smith says we are “selling” Israel fighter jets- the media does this all the time. We are not “selling” them, we are “giving” them. Why would the media perpetuate this fiction? They do this CONSTANTLY. Is someone worried ABOUT what would happen if US taxpayers found out that during a financial crisis we are giving an ally with an outstanding economy even more money?

    It’s true that the US wants some of the cost to come out of the billions we’ve already given them this year- ie. a subsidy of sorts, but at the end of the day, Israel will not be “buying” the planes, unlike the Saudi Arabia deal where they purchased fighter jets from us- no subsidy there. Anyway, Israel is saying they want the planes outright as an added gift on top of everything else- they don’t want to have to use any money already given to them by the US this year and word is that the US may agree.

    Anyway, this is one of the most biased political hit-jobs I have seen in a long time. And you know I am not a big fan of how Obama has handled all of this, but this one-sided journalism where Smith clearly went out of his way to find mostly Obama detractors- with few exceptions- is truly incredible.

    Imagine such an article being written in the US about Netanyahu where someone says “Americans hate his guts” – Abe Foxman would go insane! And no US official would talk that way about an Israeli leader- nor should they. But Israel does because they can get away with it.

    The Democrats should be furious about this but sadly, they won’t be. And I think the reason is that they see Bibi as sacrosanct and if Israel is going to piss all over the US President then that’s ok with them. It’s inexcusable.

    • discourseincsharpminor permalink
      November 22, 2010 1:11 pm

      And people still say there is an anti-Israel bias in the media?! The media and everyone who’s even remotely important in our government would, can, and does everything they can to further that country’s agenda, even when it doesn’t quite line up with are own because nobody wants to be labled an anti-semite. Short of paying their government and military salaries (and giving Netanyahu a free pony) I don’t know what more we can do to prove to whomever it is that makes the call on these things that the US – even the media – really doesn’t have a problem with Jewish people. Some of us do have issues with Israel’s policies, but the issue is not Jewishness, I swear, it’s just the way Palestinians are being increasingly treated like sub-humans.

  7. June 22, 2013 10:42 am

    She comes across so powerful when she speaks.

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