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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Travel to Haiti on Sunday January 30th

January 29, 2011


Secretary Clinton Travel to Haiti

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will travel to Haiti on January 30 to consult with members of civil society, political actors, Haiti’s president and international partners on the ongoing electoral situation as well as reconstruction efforts.

In addition to meetings with Haitian President Rene Preval, Secretary Clinton will also meet with leaders of civil society and electoral candidates, the Special Representative of the United Nations and visit a cholera treatment clinic.

The United States and Haiti share the mutual commitment to building Haiti anew after the devastating earthquake one year ago, and to ensure a strong future for Haiti’s people and its democracy.

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  1. Elan Durham permalink
    January 30, 2011 6:28 pm

    January 30, 2011

    Dear Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton:

    Can you help me here in Vermont, as I am in an emergency situation and terrible bind. Since the death of my mother and handicapped brother in Alabama in 2008-2009, I’ve traveled constantly in an effort to rebuild my life; as a result, I’m completely exhausted and out of ideas as to how to approach my situation. The world changed so much, and I had no clue that I’d become a commodity on the market … or how to respond to so many demands from so many people. After all, I am not the President or Prime Minister.

    What I am looking for is assistance while I recover and write, and in the very near future employment with a person or foundation whose philosophy and work I respect. Obviously, this plea for assistance is also a plea for work … I am available for immediate hire, and will relocate wherever I am needed (she writes as she is warming inside a McDonald’s, wondering whether or not she will freeze tonight in the snow or else be murdered by some opportunist … Happy thought.)

    If the Secretary of State is interested in helping out an American-born woman shopped all over the world, and robbed of all but the most desperate and retarded of opportunities … I am available to help with foundation work, and would very much appreciate any assistance she can lend me at this time, asap. I hope I am a survivor, a person of marked intelligence and integrity, but this situation is not particularly encouraging; further, I was not educated or trained to deal with so much disenfranchisement and opportunism for apparently everyone … but myself.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I hope I can look forward to the favor of a response. I have heard of wealthy humanitarians helping out people in distress, and would like to imagine this prospect is not entirely out of the question for me.

    Unfortunately, I sold my hybrid SUV last summer, and do not have a car at present; further; all my belongings were stolen (antiques, art, furniture, hundreds of books, clothing, computer, etc.) from my storage space, and so I have six suitcases to my name, a small laptop I am writing to you on now, and a teddy bear. Thus, the only way to contact me at present is via email.

    Best wishes,

    Elan Durham MFA
    Winooksi, Vermont

  2. Doug Bales permalink
    February 5, 2011 3:30 am

    Good to know you are at least alive. Seems mental health may play a role in your disappearance from Oregon a year ago. Just turned off the TV we bought for you, a nice 42″. The first and only TV I have ever owned. A cursed box. Sorry to hear you have fallen on misfortune, hope Hillary has a job for you.
    Doug and Haley on the McKenzie River

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