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March 5, 2011

Some take the view that, to encourage tolerance, some hateful ideas must be silenced by governments. We believe that efforts to curb the content of speech rarely succeed and often become an excuse to violate freedom of expression. Instead, as it has historically been proven time and time again, the better answer to offensive speech is more speech. People can and should speak out against intolerance and hatred. By exposing ideas to debate, those with merit tend to be strengthened, while weak and false ideas tend to fade away; perhaps not instantly, but eventually.”

~Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her February 15, 2011 speech on internet freedom at George Washington University.

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  1. markjuliansmith permalink
    March 7, 2011 12:18 am

    There is no such thing as Freedom only the relative independence nature and fellow humans provide.

    The fact is there is no such thing as Free let alone Free speech there never has been nor ever will be.

    The trouble with your notion of free speech as Plato pointed out is not only excess but the existence of text which creates evil in real terms on the ground rather than good.

    It is a matter of restricting text as Plato suggested many years ago to enable a happy society not the reverse. Please consult Plato, educationalist and psychologists on this point for forming new citizens. Be they secular or religious constructs. This is not a mute point or simply bigotry. It is the way each of us is formed by foundation text and how we subsequently relate to the world around us.

    It is not all text within any construct but the text which enables harm against other which needs to be addressed.

    The Quran text is an example of this from its foundation Chapter “THE COW” onwards. For with each generation the text informs the actions of Muslims that other are less and nessecarily deemed even by God to be justifiably subject to ‘grevious harm’. I am only concerned about text which enables ideas which provides motivation and subsequent action against other. I do not really care if the text is from planet Bot.

    The fact is in this case ‘freedom of expression’ is a clearly and imminent danger to humanity – as it has been since the seventh century. It is not the only text which requires review and censure.

    The terror will not cease from whatever quarter until we grasp no text or human process should be immune from review as to whether or not it enables the independence of other be it religious or secular.

    Please reflect if Plato is right – the results I believe prove he is.

    Change the text Change the outcome otherwise there will be more of the same.

    Please inform the world you have changed your mind and it is important each entity reviews its text to remove the justification for terror against other or the cycle of violence will as it has in the past continue from generation to generation.

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