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Public Appointments for Monday April 25th 2011: Hillary Clinton

April 25, 2011

No Public Appointments!

[get used to that, you’re going to see it for the next few days]

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  1. Tovah permalink
    April 25, 2011 10:36 am

    Stacy- I know you visit regularly but if you haven’t seen the article over there by Israeli Amb. Michael Oren, go read it – I can just imagine your reaction 😉 Thain, Steve you go over there too. The graphic to the article speaks VOLUMES. Oren really grasps at straws to justify why Israel is such a wonderful ally and plays on one of his favorite subjects- his mostly-debunked view of the Founding Fathers being big time supporters of an eventual Jewish state (?!?).

    • stacyx permalink*
      April 25, 2011 11:28 am

      @Tovah- actually, I did read it and your sense of how I reacted was probably spot on ;). It’s nothing new for Oren but this time it sort of smacks of desperation in that he over-argues his case. As a lawyer, I tend to think that undermines a person’s whole argument. In my opinion we certainly do have important interests with Israel and we should always remain good allies of each other. That said, to claim that there is absolutely no downside to the relationship just flies in the face of reality and Oren knows it. Also, he refuses to acknowledge (of course) that the longer the Israeli-Palestinian conflict drags on and the more the US is called on to continue to cover for Israel diplomatically, the more our security interests will diverge. Having to veto the UN settlement resolution was a big blow to US credibility in the region and it just reinforces to many that we are incapable of being an honest broker. But he doesn’t deal with any inconvenient facts like that.

      Also, while it’s important to not underestimate the growing influence of Iran and the concerns that many Arab leaders have, to say that it is their only major concern is misleading. We now know the Wikileaks cables were very selectively quoted by the US media and we know that comments from Arab leaders about the problems with the ongoing Gaza siege and the situation of the Palestinians was essentially ignored by the US media- no US media outlet would print any Israel cables. Oren is simply making excuses for not stopping settlements and for the Netanyahu governments total lack of seriousness when it comes to the two state solution.

      Perhaps most importantly he ignores the one-sided nature of the relationship, which makes Israel’s refusal to do anything we respectfully ask them to do, all the more galling. It is the US that must CONSTANTLY reaffirm our unwavering, steadfast, constant support for Israel but rarely does Israel feel the need to do so for us. The money flows one way. The diplomatic protection flows one way. The requests for things like freeing an Israeli spy flows one way. The Israelis are not helping us in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and why not? Because they know and we know they would be a strategic liability. The US Congress passes dozens of resolutions in support of Israel and condemning the Palestinians but what do members of the Knesset do? Well, last year one member got up and called Barack Obama the biggest threat Israel faces.

      I’m all for a strong relationship with Israel but no international, diplomatic relationship with an industrialized, western-style, economically powerful country should be so one-sided and unquestioning. Nor should any one country dominate our foreign policy and political system the way Israel does. I think we should treat Israel the way we treat our other good allies like Great Britain- we agree on a majority of things but there are a few things where we may disagree and it’s not the end of the world.

      In short, his commentary read like typical propaganda.

  2. April 25, 2011 10:59 am

    It sure won’t be a slow news week. Another big data release – Guantanamo. Indefinite detentions without charges or trials, torture, imprisoning children and elderly and mentally ill – we do it all …

    • stacyx permalink*
      April 25, 2011 11:14 am

      I’ve read a little about that, I think in the NYT online today but I want to look into it more. The impression I got from the NYT was “oh, we knew most of this and many of these people are more dangerous than we thought…” That seems to be how the US media frames these issues.

  3. PYW permalink
    April 25, 2011 5:11 pm

    BTW, there’s an article linked on the right about a new book partially blaming Hillary for the fact impeachment went forward. And it’s written by a House impeachment manager. Yeah, big surprise there.

  4. Steve permalink
    April 26, 2011 10:04 am

    OT: Notice how dismissive the administration is towards Abbas. They would NEVER talk about an Israeli leader the way they talk about Abbas or the Palestinians. This article also makes clear what we all know- but which SOME people who visit this site don’t want to admit- the Jewish community and Congress won’t let Obama lean on Israel and thus there will be no meaningful push for peace. Only when we accept responsibility for that and change it will there be peace and security for Israel:

    It’s time for us Jews to stop coddling our community out of some misplaced sense of tribalism. Abbas is the most moderate, anti-violence, pro-Israel, pro-Western leader any US or Israeli leader could hope for but because the Jewish community doesn’t want ANY pressure on Israel, we are going to let them piss this away.

    Sorry, but it’s true and everyone knows it.

    Notice too how the media defines “pro-Israel” or “Israel’s supporters”- blind, unquestioning loyalty and decidedly anti-peace negotiations. Very telling. I wonder how the Jewish community would like being described accurately as “anti-peace?” Lets face it, we don’t want negotiations unless it’s 100% on our terms. Maybe that’s how I’ll start referring to us- the anti-peace Jewish lobby.

    • stacyx permalink*
      April 26, 2011 10:59 am

      @Steve- yes, you won’t find anyone more moderate than Abbas and Fayaad which is why it’s so frustrating to watch Israel and the U.S. fritter this opportunity away. I’m sort of disgusted with the whole thing at this point. I’m tired of the media bias and how they dumb down this issue. If Americans were more informed about what really went on (and its implications) they would probably be much more supportive of the Obama administration’s efforts – I think that’s why the Lobby and the media are so one-sided- they don’t WANT people being informed in any objective manner.

      Obama is not going to do one damn thing until after 2012 because he believes all the nonsense that if he does he’ll lose the Jewish vote- which of course he won’t. And if Obama loses, you can kiss Mideast peace goodbye because the GOP won’t do anything and there will probably be another war.

      Sadly, the Palestinians are so dependent on the US economically which puts them at our mercy. Of course, when you don’t have a state, don’t have any rights and no autonomy and the occupier is violating not only your human rights but your economic rights (including rights to natural resources), what can you do?

  5. April 26, 2011 3:01 pm

    This was a tragic mistake, but once again Ethan Bronner shows his lopsided reporting.

    He bends over backwards to make it sound as though the man was not doing anything really out of the ordinary. However, were it a Palestinian I am sure he would describe the incident in a different manner. If the man were a Palestinian the shooting would have been justified because he was sneaking past security which would mean he was up to no good. Thus, national security would deem to be threatened. We would hear how Israel has every right to defend itself against such real and imagined threats.

    If Bronner did a big story every time a Palestinian was accidentally killed by the IDF he’d have to have a special supplement in every weekly edition of the Times. Notice how Israel’s leaders are trying to play this up despite the fact that that if the situation were reversed, they would be praising the actions, or at least defending, the person who pulled the trigger. Israel is trying to politicize every death in order to justify what will likely be a brutal crackdown soon.


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