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The Sunday Photo Bomb

May 15, 2011

One of the great things about being a blogger is getting to know random people with similar interests- people who send emails about Secretary Clinton with tips, photos and links, or just to say “hi.”

Yesterday I received an email from Toke Brødsgaard, who lives in Nuuk, Greenland. As you recall, Secretary Clinton was in Nuuk last week for the Arctic Council meeting. Well Toke was nice enough to send me some photos he had taken when Secretary Clinton was walking around Nuuk after her meetings. The great thing about these photos is that you won’t see them anywhere else.

So thank you to Toke for being nice enough to share them with me so I can share them with you. Just a note- please don’t post any of his photos on the internet, twitter etc. without first asking his permission.

Toke’s Hillary in Nuuk, Greenland photos:

Hillary Clinton at the Arctic Council

And some other random photos I found on the internet:

And of course, what photo bomb would be complete without Ziggy, Scooter & Button:

Ziggy & Button


Ziggy contemplating what to get into next...


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  1. Thain permalink
    May 15, 2011 4:58 pm

    Fantastic photo bomb! Thanks to Toke for the photos of Hillary in Nuuk!

  2. Carolyn-Rodham permalink
    May 15, 2011 6:08 pm

    One of the great things about this blog is that, whatever the state of the world, we always have the photo bomb to usher in the new week.
    Thanks for sharing, Toke!

  3. HillaryFan permalink
    May 15, 2011 8:05 pm

    Stacy you never disappoint! Wonderful photos and I love the photos from Toke- I hope you are reading this Toke- thank youso much forthe photos!

    As always the cars are adorable. I think Ziggy has the most expressive face of any cat I have seen. 🙂

  4. HillaryFan permalink
    May 15, 2011 8:09 pm

    Ugh, sorry about the typos above!

  5. Tovah permalink
    May 16, 2011 7:05 am

    Those are really great Greenland photos! It’s fun seeing her out and about as opposed to photos of her giving speeches (although those are good too!)

    Glad to see the cats are doing well. Ziggy manages to look like he’s up to no good even when he’s just sitting still! He’s got some long whiskers.

  6. Bea permalink
    May 16, 2011 2:14 pm

    Thanks, particularly for the Greenland pics since there aren’t that many of them. The cats are all beautiful, but Ziggy is a riot.

  7. January 24, 2013 7:58 pm

    Did he take these pictures himself. If he did he has great talent at taking photos. I love how you always slide pictures of your cats at the end. Really cute.

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