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Thursday July 14th Public Appointments: SOS Hillary Rodham Clinton

July 14, 2011

Secretary Clinton leaves on foreign travel sometime today:

Secretary Clinton departs for foreign travel to Turkey, Greece, India, Indonesia and China

I’ll admit that I am a bit disappointed that Secretary Clinton isn’t meeting with the Dalai Lama during his trip to Washington over this past week. Maybe she’ll meet with him today, but at the State Dept. press briefing yesterday, it sounded like that was increasingly unlikely. In fact, the State Dept. press spokeswoman sounded like she wanted to avoid the topic altogether. Here’s an article over at Foreign Policy about the “cold welcome” the Dalai Lama has received from this administration this time around. At least Congress is bipartisan on one issue- support for the Dalai Lama- both Democrats and Republicans have criticized this administration’s treatment of him and rightly so. Members of Congress met with with the Dalai Lama last week and this week and urged Obama and Secretary Clinton to meet with the him but thus far, those calls have fallen on deaf ears.

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  1. ayla weston permalink
    July 14, 2011 1:25 pm

    I read the report on Human Rights Report on Turkey for 2010; at present in Turkey the control and the influence of the elected government and state exercising on the judiciary is accelerated. This blog in Turkish, talks about present state of Human rights, juristic system and how AKP arrived to this point and more. Please note there are many other blogs like this. Secretary Hillary Clinton will be visiting Turkey soon. I don’t know what can she do about all these problems, but I hope she will meet opposition party leaders and journalists and she will, at least, let the whole world know their fears and frustrations (some 50% of the population Turkey is silenced now). My only hope is that the underhanded doings of the present government in Turkey will be revealed.

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