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Is This For Real? Terror Attacks Thwarted During Clinton’s Nairobi Visit? *updated*

September 5, 2009

KENYA US CLINTON AFRICAI just ran across this story which was headlined as “breaking news” on an the Kenyan news agency, The Nation- it essentially says a terrorist plot in Nairobi during Secretary Clinton’s visit there, was thwarted by authorities::

A group of terrorists operating from Somalia had planned three bomb attacks in Nairobi during the visit by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last month, the Sunday Nation can reveal.

A senior counter-terrorism official has recounted how the terrorists planned to stage simultaneous attacks at the Hotel InterContinental, the Kencom Bus Stage and the adjacent Hilton Hotel. Mrs Clinton stayed at the Hotel InterContinental during her visit.

The plan was hatched in Somalia and thwarted by Kenyan security officials who intercepted communication between the plotters and their accomplices in Nairobi.

The security official – whose identity cannot be revealed without compromising antiterrorism operations – said that the terrorists linked to the Al Shabaab group had wanted to embarrass Kenyan and US governments but their plans were thwarted before the attackers could cross the border.

“The threats were neutralised a week to the Agoa meeting in combined efforts by the military and other security agencies,” the official said. “The operation in Nairobi netted five crucial suspects, one of whom carries Danish identification documents but is believed to be a Somali national. The other four, one of whom is a woman, hold Kenyan identification documents believed to be fake. Investigations into their identity and plan are on…”

I looked over on CNN and BBC and I see nothing even referencing this story, so perhaps it’s not true and if that is the case while part of me is extremely glad no such plot existed, part of me thinks it’s highly irresponsible to print such a story.

I just googled and found the story in a Somali source, here. If it turns out to be false, I will remove the post because I don’t want to start terrible rumors.

UPDATE: It is now about 12 hrs since I posted this and I am still not seeing the story on BBC or CNN but I am getting emails from people, including from some currently in Nairobi, who say I should not assume at this stage, that this is *not* true- so thank you to those folks who cared enough to write. As soon as I see more coverage of this I’ll post it here.

UPDATE II: The story is moving a little on the internet but as far as I can tell it’s now new sourcing. Here it is at Earth Times.

UPDATE III: I’m starting to see more about this story now. Here’s more:

Police sources in Kenya have indicated that one of their suspects in a planned terror attack against Hillary Clinton was travelling on Danish papers

Kenyan police have arrested five suspects in a terror plot against US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. One suspect was reportedly carrying a Danish passport.

According to Kenyan newspaper Sunday Nation, Clinton was to be the target of three bomb attacks when she visited the capital Nairobi last month.

Police sources told the paper that the suspects are Somalis connected to the militant Islamist terror organisation Al Shabab.

One of those arrested was a woman with a forged Kenyan passport while another was said to have been travelling on Danish identity papers.

The Danish ambassador in Nairobi, Bo Jensen, said that he had not been informed of any Danes being arrested for a plot against Clinton, but said he would look further into the case today…

I saw that the story was mentioned over at Foreign Policy’s Madame Secretary. Additionally, I came across this video on YouTube and thought it was interesting in that it gives a few more details:

UPDATE V: I spoke with someone from ABC news who told me that the reason this story was not being covered in the US media was because his sources said there was nothing to the story. That said, I’ll keep my eyes open for more information if it becomes available.


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  1. still4hill permalink
    September 5, 2009 8:31 pm

    This is a heart stopper. I hope it isn’t true. Hillary shares a characteristic with JFK, RFK, JPII, and Diana in that she does not hesitate to reach out physically to people and that can always be a danger. It’s part of how she does EVERYTHING.

    I got POed when a saw an American resident of DRC post something about the clearance of the roads for her motorcade and the speed at which they traveled, and how inconvenient the roadblocks were for the stuck traffic.

    I say, if you want the aid and support, always make sure our girl gets in and out in one pretty piece.

    • writrsblok permalink
      September 6, 2009 5:06 am


      amazed that anyone can compare hilary clinton with any of those names. Read her resume before backing her in anything.

  2. El Duende Gringo permalink
    September 6, 2009 1:26 am

    Is Obama’s cousin is a CIA destabilizing agent in Kenya Africa? :

    Don’t worry your lady hero is safe (Hillary is a CFR member, Bilderberg regular and her husband is a with the Trilateral Commission) as long as she stays out of JFK’s shoes of integrity. i.e. JFK reisisted the FED….. Is Hillary?

    Learn the truth about terrorism:
    Released in 2007:
    World history of terrorism:

    Released in 2008:
    On the intelligence terror apparatus:

    • September 6, 2009 9:33 am

      To those who come here to distract or distort, I say….

      We STAND with Hillary.

      It’s really quite simple.

      Thanks for the updates, Stacy. I look forward to your posts on a daily basis.

      Rise Hillary, Rise!

  3. Tammy permalink
    September 6, 2009 9:33 am

    El Duende- you’ve done a link dump in every comment to every post- stay on topic.

    • El Duende Gringo permalink
      September 6, 2009 9:53 am

      Hi Maddie, thanks Dear for your honest comments. I honestly believe the topic has common threads with good The Secretary of State managing one of those threads to varying degrees.

      The heart motive is not to distract nor distort Maddie, but to disclose apparent facts, ‘toss up on the table’ the ‘road less traveled’ perspectives for us to fully consider the other point of view to then in all fairness and logic decide accordingly how we personally may be affected and how we may offer ourselves for positive impact… and this has nothing to do with sex gender by the way, which seems to obscure reality check for some while part of their identity is meshed in any particular popular figure.

      Peace to all those here who gather seeking global harmony and finding better ways to care for one’s neighbor 🙂

  4. El Duende Gringo permalink
    September 6, 2009 10:05 am

    P.S. Tammy and Maddie, if others can offer reasonable alternatives, I welcome perspectives from the other corner/s and I am open to correction/adjusting my evolving point/s of view.


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