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Secretary Clinton: Goals for a Two State Solution

September 20, 2011

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Secretary Clinton: Goals for a Two State Solution, posted with vodpod

QUESTION: Madam Secretary, can I ask you how things are going on the Middle East?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, we are engaged in extremely intensive ongoing diplomacy, reaching out to not only the parties, but to all of the people who are here for the UN General Assembly. And we continue to believe and are pressing the point that the only way to a two-state solution, which is what we support and want to see happen, is through negotiations. And no matter what does or doesn’t happen this week, it will not produce the kind of outcome that everyone is hoping for. So we’re going to stay very much engaged and focused.

QUESTION: Do you sense some wiggle room, Madam Secretary?


QUESTION: Do you sense any wiggle room? Do you think that you can, in this week of meetings, in this week of diplomacy, get him to see it your way and perhaps maybe soften his stance even?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Elise, I think it’s early in the week. A lot of people are not even here yet; there’s been an enormous number of meetings by many different parties talking to each other. And I want to be fully informed about all of those conversations. But I think that everyone knows our position and, obviously, our goal is a two-state solution, and that’s what we’re going to keep working towards.

MS. NULAND: Thank you.

I actually disagree with the U.S. strategy on this for reasons outlined in this Foreign Policy article. We are set to squander whatever remaining goodwill we have in the region at a crucial time, while demonstrating at the same time that we are incapable of being even-handed mediators in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As one European diplomat put it the other day “it’s almost as though the U.S. wants to be seen as being isolated with Israel.” Our domestic politics will not allow the administration to do what is necessary to help resolve the conflict and thus we are forced to take actions at the UN that undermine our own interests in the region. While the US may be able to get most EU states on board with a veto, I doubt they are impressed with how the U.S. has enabled and protected the far, far-right Israeli government’s intransigence.

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  1. discourseincsharpminor permalink
    September 20, 2011 2:46 pm

    I agree and I think that diplomat was right. Given the choice, our leaders will choose Israel over our foreign policy interests every time. Eventually that strategy will come back to bite us.

  2. September 21, 2011 1:23 am

    It is past talking – Netanyahu was warned what would happen once the dust started settling on the Middle East and African revolts now it is too late.

    A solution is going to be imposed if the US likes it or not.

    The US should have taken notice even if Israel did not. Now the US is going to be seen in an even worse light – if that was at all possible – along with Israel.

    Talks with Netanyahu=talking to a dry wall. Everyone knows it.

    It is Time.

    The schism caused by the festering wound of the Middle East has to be now subject to the hot iron of external imposition of a solution by the UN which guarantees security of all, meets no ones aspirations, but provides the rest of the world with obligation because of the Terror it has caused for Other and the Terror it will cause if unresolved to make sure by external force it succeeds.

    If children squabbling start tearing each Other apart and their actions start impacting negatively on Others do by standers simply let them kill each Other – No they step in and resolve the situation in the best way they can.

    Generally both sides blame each Other and are not happy with the resultant external determination – stiff Humanity has had enough. Get over it and start living in peace.


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